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Although I have lived like a rolling stone in several parts of the United States, I am, in my heart and soul, a Kansas native. I have a great affection for the cities in which I have lived and worked in this country and visited throughout the world. I have found the people in those places every bit as good as the great people of the prairies. My work over the past decades has ranged from social work in the barrios, ghettos and skid rows of Los Angeles to teaching statistics in the Department of Health Policy & Management at the University of Kansas Medical Center. In the interim between social work and regular teaching, my professional activities took me to cities and rural areas of many parts of the U.S. In the past three decades, I have traveled and lived mostly across the state of Kansas, where I was born and spent my youth. During most of my career, I have been involved in the areas of health and health care. Not long ago, I was Vice President of Research for the Partnership for Children in Kansas City, Missouri, where I became acutely aware of the neglected health needs of inner-city children. My main interests are in underserved infants, toddlers and adolescents, as well as in poor and uninsured adults. I believe these are political issues that are best addressed through progressive, Democratic politics. In my opinion, it is in the best interests of rural, prairie people to connect politically with the working and middle class folks of the cities in the Plains states to fight for their fair share of the economic pie.

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